Shakti Orion

Shakti Orion

I am a performance and visual artist, originally from Spain, based in London, I am an associate artist of Chisenhale Dance Space, my conceptually driven work takes many forms included performance, installations, photography, painting and video. I raise questions and comments about relationships, identity and its ongoing fabrication and biographical events, an attempt to find the core and authenticity buried in.

I have worked with several dance and theatre integration companies as well as created and choreographer my own work, as a visual artist I had in April this year my first solo exhibition at The Cadiz gallery in London. My work has been presented in various venues and festivals in the UK and abroad.

“London, I am a Spanish artist living in London for the last 11 years, where I developed and extended my practice that started back in Spain as a community artist. I have emotional and personal interest for both cultures London, Barcelona and the rest of Spain, even though I have presented my work extensively in the UK and in another European countries and in South Korea where I got an artist residency last year, I have not links or contacts to the art world in Spain and I would very much like to link with those artist and art spaces working there and build bridges between here and there. Thank you for creating this iniciative.”

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