MOSCA wants to be a catalyst agent that activates cultural exchanges between 2 cultural worlds: London & Barcelona.

MOSCA does not commission, produce or exhibit. MOSCA activates! We want to create networking events and have creative ideas to make these two worlds to engage and generate results.

MOSCA is done from the creatives for the creatives, free of any ties with institutions, governments or marketing interests. It operates from the base.

If you are interested (or know somebody who may be), to make it possible we need your collaboration NOW!

–        We need profiles of individual creatives that in one way or other belong to these two cultural ambits (Please send pic, bio (try to make it friendly), links and a testimonial about your experience LND/BCN)

–        We need small companies, venues, galleries, spaces either based in London and / or Barcelona that are interested on being part of the project.

–        We need creative individuals (from either city / area) that have the potential or a strong reason to be ‘activated’, connected between London and Barcelona.

Please contact us at info@mosca.org.uk

Many thanks!

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